April 2023

Tooli Peer The Alluring and captivating Hill

Tooli peer Alluring and captivating hill  Toli Peer is the highest peak of this range. It attracts nature lovers and adventurers simultaneously. Visitors find singing streams of falling water, smooth soft, and silky grass, blue skies, cool breeze, and silvery cloudy fogs in Tolli Peer. Stalwart trees are accompanied by fragrant wild fauna and flora. …

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Pir Chinasi

Spirituality meets beauty at Pir Chinasi Pir Chinasi(also spelled as Peer Chinasi) is a land of verdant celestial beauty, and lush, adventurous mountains. Stalwart trees are accompanied by groves all around the Pir Chinasi, a shrine standing at the top, the zigzag road leads there, super high walking tracks, and prevailing tranquility. Milky fogs kiss …

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Muzaffarabad City

Discover the beauties of Muzaffarabad City Muzaffarabad offers river-bank views, riverside evening walk views, and ways along the river. There is no match for this city’s zigzag roads alongside two romantic rivers. It is the capital of Azad Kashmir, the biggest city in Kashmir, surrounded by mountains, divided by rivers, and decorated with unique lighting. …

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