Healing Waters & Sacred Fountain

Healing waters and  sacred fountains of Kashmir

Kashmir is a land of natural blessings and treasures of minerals. Here we find flowing rivers falling waterfalls shining streams and healing waters that are sacred fountains. Here are a few descriptions of fountains that have the power of healing and treatment for various fatal diseases.

             Tatta Pani khooi Rata

Tatta Pani is a natural fountain of hot waters that has healing power for skin diseases. It is famous all over the country on the bank of river Poonch. Water is hot enough and it is very hard to drink it directly. People come from various parts of Pakistan and Kashmir to take a bath in this healing water and get rid of different fatal diseases.

           Chashma Lower Sudhan Gali

Just from 2km down a gali Bagh R,oa and find a fountain of natural water. This fountain fetches water from Ganga great peak. The water of this fountain is sacred enough and it is a treatment for sugar and blood pressure. People from various parts of Punjab Azad Kashmir and KPK come here to get water. This fountain is sacred and holy and people believe that it I naturally blessed treasure of healing powers.

      Chanar Chashma

Chanar Chashma is another famous fountain of Azad Kashmir in the village Jandali 15km away from Chikar. China Chashma Chanar Nara is a naturally blessed fountain that becomes hot in winter and cool in summer. People believe that it is holy and sacred water and a special place for offering prayers. People believe that they get accepted.


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