Tao Butt Bala

All Alluring at Taobat Bala

Kashmir is the land where all is alluring. Beauties are at their best. Taobat is the top of this towering Paradise. Taobat Bala is a safe hidden treasure of heavenly fallen fascinating patches. It is only a distance of 30 minutes foot walk from the famous Taobat tourist land. Visitors can reach there in 30 minutes by foot walk or by horse riding.

In Taobat Bala everything is purely pure and naturally natural. Grass makes velvet to knit the smooth carpet. Eyes can not resist the beauty and its attraction. Vast natural valleys are covered with lush green plants, herbs, and soft silky bushes. Stalwart trees and sweet smooth breeze. Purity, peace, fragrance, and fauna and flora glimpse of neighboring sky.

Artificiality is not allowed here and every way goes to the wild world of spellbinding fascinating destination. It would be worst bad luck if you come back home without having the joys of a heart-touching and eye-catching garden of greenery. It is the hidden treasure of  Neelum Valley’s great story.

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