Ganga Choti|Ganga Peak Bride of Beauties

 Ganga choti|Ganga Peak Bride of Beauties 

Ganga Peak is part of the Peer Panjal range of the lower Himalayas. It is a dream destination for visitors. Here, we find the matchless and amazing beauty of the verdant land, Ganga Choti. Visitors meet natural serene and scenic wonders all around. Here we find stalwart trees and green groves here and there. At the top of the Ganga, you can touch silvery clouds and walk on fog. From the highest vantage points the mountains reveal a world of infinite beauty with valleys and peaks stretching as far as the eye cans painting a panorama that humbles the soul. 

Ganga Choti precautions& safety measures

Ganga meadows are well protected safely safe and highly observed areas. No disturbance but sudden falls in temperature after rainfall.

Ganga Choti distance & time required from Rawalpindi/Islamabad

The distance of Ganga Choti from Islamabad via Bagh is 166km and the time required is 5 hours. The distance of ganga choti from Islamabad via Muzaffarabad is 183.8km and the time required is 5.30 hours.

Ganga Choti distance & time required from Muzaffarabad

The distance between Ganga Choti from Muzaffarabad is 58km and the time required is 2 hours.

Ganga Choti base camp

 Sudhan Gali is the base camp for Ganga meadows and at just 7km away visitors find Ganga Peak |GangaChoti. 

Ganga Choti distance and time required from base camp

 7 kilometers zigzag road that runs in Ganga meadows, and then a 1-hour walk to the top of Ganga Peak, known as Ganga Mountain.

Ganga Choti Altitude

  The altitude of Ganga Choti is 3,045 meters and 9990 feet.

Ganga Choti Best visiting time

It is an evergreen place to visit. in summer it becomes a cool destination. Summer or winter are two seasons to visit Ganga Choti.

 Ganga Choti Road conditions

 Road condition is good the road is zigzagging covered with high tall trees and passes through vast patches of green grass climbs gradually.

Ganga Choti Paths to reach

There are two major paths to reach from Bagh via Sudhan Gali, and from Muzaffarabad via Chakar.

Ganga Choti Hotels

  At Sudhan Gali, there are good hotels, restaurants, and takeaway food points. There are good points at Lower Sar the main stop to Ganga.

Ganga Choti Guest Houses

 There are 5 rest houses in Sudhan Gali town the base camp of Ganga.

Ganga Choti Available facilities

The road leads just below the main peak. There is a playground seasonal food points horse riding and services of assistance available for tourists.   

Ganga Choti Available for sports and entertainment

   Hill climbing, mountain walking in summer and winter festivals ice skating jeep riding, and moon-citing in autumn are special tourist features of Ganga Peak.              

Ganga Choti Hiking tracks

From base camp many walking tracks towards the destination or you can hire a taxi to reach just below the great peak.

Ganga Choti Hill climbing

Hill climbing, mountain walking in summer and winter festivals ice skating jeep riding, and moon-citing in autumn are special tourist features of Ganga Peak.

Ganga Choti Scenic beauty

It is the center of scenic beauty. Heaven falls else where greenery tranquility prevailing peace of nature for adventure lovers.

Ganga Choti Special fruit trees

Apples, khaobani, kahooch, varieties of  Cherries, walnuts, and pears love this land.

Ganga Choti Snowfall

Snow falling is the most special event of Ganga Choti. Snow festival is arranged every year. You can enjoy light snow falling here.

Ganga Choti winter sports

Zalzal Lakes and noon Bangla are a little distance and you can enjoy winter sports there.

Ganga Choti tourism-friendly police

Tourism-friendly police are waiting for your safety. They are civilized and ready to help the visitors. 

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