Nanga Pir Beesbagla Bagh

Nanga Pir Beesbagla Bagh

Peace, spirituality, and beauty in combination, we find this great combo at Nanga Pir Top. It is a great place where we find ourselves in peace, and receive countless kisses of honey-mixed air in the natural environment. It is said that there is no comparison for this great place all around the district.

Spiritual battle of supernatural creatures

It is narrated that during the freedom war, in 1947 local people observed wonderful incidents at Naanga Pir Top. Elderly people who witnessed the situation narrate that supernatural personals helped the mujahideen and Kashmiri forces fight with the enemy. They were wearing white clothes and green turbans. It was a strange thing for the enemy, but it was believed to help freedom fighters.

The distance between Nanga Pir and Bagh City

This princess of spiritual beauty is just at a distance of 25 kilometers from Bagh City. It is nearly near to great holy land of Bees Bagla, the most known center of religious education in Azad Kashmir.

Specialties of Nanga Pir Top

Top-plan pasture surrounded by stalwart trees, magical bushes, and scented breeze, cool sweetest water fountain make it an unforgettable land for visitors.



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