Kopra | Khalabat Azad Kashmir

Kopra | Khalabat A Dreamed Destination



Dream about a destination of peace, vastness, and beauty and you will reach Kopra|Khala Bat. Just 1.5 kilometers away from Sudhan Gali|Jandali endpoint. A new horizon of beauty and tranquility opens its arms to embrace you. Unbelievable serenity, peace, and mesmerizing captivity you find. Words stand silent and the tongue becomes motionless to move.

Peace and Purity

You can only watch with heart, you can listen to silence, and your eyes become helpless to catch the vastness of beauty. Lush green patches, velvety grassy carpet to kiss your feet. It is a land of beauty and peace.

Nature & Flowers

Wildflowers in abundance, a variety of herbs, groups of shrubs, stalwart trees, rocky flat stones, and fauna and flora at the best position. No voice, no choice, no motion, and nothingness. No disturbance and no desire to do anything.

Poetic romance in the environment, and spiritual serenity in the surroundings. The sacredness of senses, purity of presence, and depth of dwelling valley. It is called kopra and then you move toward Khala Bat.

Unmatched Beauty

It is the highest where everything is below. Ganga holds the right of rivalry and stands in front of it. There is everything natural and pure artificiality not entered there and this desired destination is calling you before modernity ruins it.

Kopra|khalabat A dreamed destination

kopra’s Destination from Muzaffarabad

It is just 61 kilometers away from Muzaffarabad and a well-maintained carpeted road leads here.

Destination of Kopra from Chikar

It is just 16 Kilometers away from Chikar the land of the spellbinding valley of Chikar.


Kopra is such a beautiful destination where tourists wish to be. Here you’ll find nature all around you the air hugs you, greenery soothes you and birds fly in the sky making the sky enchanting for you. You must visit there to explore nature and to clear your mind.

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