June 2023

Neelum valley in AJK

Neelum Valley / Wonderfully Captivating Valley

Wonderfully Captivating  Valley/ NeelumValley Neelum Valley is a land naturally blessed with charms and fascinations. Undoubtedly, queen of stunning scenic beauties. There is no match found on earth for this mesmerizing wonder. Neelum Valley is the land like a hidden treasure to discover. Visitors feel helpless to leave this land. Neelum Valley is the land …

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Jandali in AJk

Jandali | Sudhangali| Glorious Gate to Ganga Choti

Blessed with beauty Jandali| Sudhan Gali Jandali,  Sudhan Gali is a place where fancies fall frequently, and natural attractions are abundant, deep dense forests, velvety grass, stalwart trees, wildlife, and foamy fauna and flora you can find here and there. Spell bounding mornings and romantic sunsets are the identity of this captivating place. Visitors find …

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“Neelabat / A Timeless Historic Destination”

 Praised and loved Neelabut Neelabut is a tourist resort in the district of Bagh. This place is historically well known. It is the place where the freedom movement was started. Neelabut presents a scenic view of mountainous lands. Neelabat is a visiting place as well as a historically celebrated destination.  Neelabut Distances Neelabut is just …

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“Neriyan Shareef| Nature’s Sanctuary”

Neriyan Shareef’s sceneries of sacredness   Neriyan Shareef  University is a stunning area with ice-pack hills. This place represents Kahmir’s spirit, attractions, and natural fascinations.  It is near Trarkhal town, the old capital of Azad Kashmir. Neriyan Shareef is known as a holy place(as there is a shrine of a single person known as Peer …

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“Discover the Rich History of Bhimber Fort”

Bhimber Fort Kasmir safeguard    Bhimber Fort is situated in the Bhimber, district of AJ&K, this fort dates back to the 10th century and holds historical significance. Bhimber Fort scenes Bhimber Fort is known for its architectural beauty and strategic location. Time seems to stand still within the fort’s ancient halls, where the whispers of …

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