Sharda in Neelum valley

Sharda Reveals Heritage

Sharda-true expression of past and present

Sharda is the land of fairy tales. Fascinations fall here frequently. Alluring scenes are found elsewhere in Sharda—mesmerizing peaceful atmosphere accompanied by deep dense forests.

Vast Neelum river

The river Neelum takes its fastest turn. It would help if you crossed the bridge. visitors may touch the water of the river here and there.

Hidden treasures of the past revealed

In Sharda, there are historical and cultural remnants of the glorious past of Kashmir. In Sharda Fort, we find remnants of Sharda University that were present a century ago.

Entertainments in Sharda

Visitors can have adventures of swimming, boating, hill climbing, and, long walking.

The distance of Sharda from Muzaffarabad

The distance of Sharda from Muzaffarabad is just 109 kilometers and there is no other way to reach Sharda. The road is paved and well-managed.

                     Hotels and rest houses

In Sharda, good hotels, rest houses, and restaurants are available. Visitors can avail of public and private residences and can enjoy camping too.

Safety and security at Sharda

The river Neelum casts its spell on visitors, so it is necessary to have safe and secure adventures. it is suggested to be careful while going nearer to water. Stones and sand are slippery.

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