Noon Bangla Scenes Of Beauty With Tranquility

Noon Bangla is a beautiful hidden gem tucked away in the charming Chakar Tehsil of the Jhelum Valley, Azad Kashmir. This charming location, around 60 kilometers from Muzaffarabad, the capital of Azad Kashmir, has carved out a special place for itself in the tourism industry. It is a sought-after destination for tourists because of its spectacular natural beauty and environment that promotes good health.

Noon Bangla Scenes Of Beauty With Tranquility

The natural beauty of Noon Bangla is what draws people there. As far as the eye can view, rolling hills covered in lush vegetation provide a tranquil respite from the rush of city life. Travelers concerned about health will love this place because of the fresh, energizing air.

Its network of meandering streams and rivers is one of Noon Bangla’s most alluring characteristics. Unmatched calm is produced by how crystal-clear waters wind across the countryside. These bodies of water enhance the scenic appeal and offer possibilities for leisurely walks along their banks, fishing, picnics, and other outdoor pursuits.

Noon Bangla’s abundant and varied vegetation adds to its natural charm. This area displays the beauty of Mother Nature in all her magnificence, from brilliant wildflowers to deep woodlands. The area is home to various avian and animal species, so birdwatchers and wildlife enthusiasts will also find peace here.

Noon Bangla scenes of beauty with tranquility

Noon Bangla is a land of prevailing peace and unforgettable purity of natural beauty. Here, you find everything breathing without disturbing the tranquility of silence—lush green sky-high grand trees in vast patches.

Noon Bangla location

Noon Bangla is located near the Jhelum district. Noon Bangla is 60km away from MZD. 

Noon Bangla distance from chikar

Noon Bangla is just 9 kilometers away from Chikar, the land of spellbound beauty.

Distance and time required from Muzaffarabad to Noon Bangla 

You need 2 hours to get here from Muzaffarabad city.

Noon Bangla Hotels & Restaurants

Hotels and restaurant facilities are available in Noon Bangla.

Tourist attraction at Noon Bangla

There are beautiful attractions in Noon Bangla. Tourists will enjoy all of these. So, Here are some tourist attractions discussed. 

Natural air condition

Noon The pure setting of Bangla offers a built-in cooling system. Even in the height of summer, the region’s elevation and thick foliage produce a lovely, relaxed, and refreshing atmosphere. Visitors may take in the fresh, crisp air while getting a break from the hot weather.


Camping lovers swarm to Noon Bangla for a distinctive outdoor adventure. The peaceful surroundings and starry night skies make camping beneath the stars possible. The campgrounds here allow you to commune with nature peacefully, whether you prefer conventional tents or glamping arrangements.


A vast network of hiking routes in Noon Bangla can accommodate hikers of all skill levels. Everyone can go on a journey, whether they prefer strolls through the forest or strenuous ascents of the hills. These pathways take you to sweeping vistas, undiscovered waterfalls, and chances to see the region’s varied flora and fauna.

Weather condition 

One of Noon Bangla’s greatest draws is the weather. The area experiences cooler temperatures than the lowlands because it is located at a higher height. Winters provide the opportunity to witness a light snowfall, which adds a beautiful quality to the scenery. At the same time, summers are pleasantly cold, giving it a wonderful retreat from the oppressive heat.


Noon Bangla is a veritable biodiversity gold mine for anyone who enjoys the outdoors and wildlife. The area is a haven for birdwatchers because it is home to numerous bird species. While exploring the forests and paths, you might also encounter local animals like leopards, Himalayan bears, and other deer species.


At Noon Bangla, the start of spring is a symphony of the brightest hues of the natural world. In a riot of reds and pinks, blossoms emerge, painting the surrounding area with a variety of hues. In a stunning sea of color against the backdrop of the lush green meadows, each flower seems to compete for attention by vying to be the most alluring.

Noon Bangla


The springtime climate is nothing short of perfect. The promise of renewal is embodied in the crisp, energizing air. The weather is just right—warm enough to encourage blossoms to spread their petals, but cool enough to offer a welcome break from the sun’s heat. The sweet scent of blossoming flowers is occasionally carried by a gentle breeze, enhancing Noon Bangla’s sensory experience.


Noon Bangla offers an unrivaled canvas for photographers. There are countless opportunities to capture nature’s poetry due to the interaction of light and shadow, the contrast of colorful blooms with snow-covered peaks, and the tranquil reflections in the clear mountain lakes. Every frame is a work of art just waiting to be captured, whether it be macro shots of delicate petals or wide-angle vistas of the sprawling landscape.

Beautiful reddish and pinkish


This village is a blooming paradise, tucked away in the arms of nature, with pink and crimson flowers taking center stage. Visitors are treated to a visual feast as the landscape is transformed into a tapestry of tulips, buttercups, and vibrant blossoms in the spring. There is a magical atmosphere because the air is fragrant with the best of nature. Tourists looking for peace and natural beauty are drawn to this serene haven far from the chaos of the city. The village, adorned with its breathtaking flora, attracts those looking for an SEO-friendly escape into nature’s wonders in addition to being a balm for the soul. Let this floral symphony leave a lasting impression on your heart and search history by coming.

Snow-capped high mountain

The snow-capped high mountains serve as a backdrop for this springtime symphony, their majesty lending an air of grandeur to the scene. The delicate blossoms below are in stark yet beautiful contrast to these ancient peaks, crowned with glistening white. They serve as a reminder of this country’s enduring beauty.

Thinks to carry at noon Bangla 


Near By tourist attractions spot

There are many nearby tourist spots which tourists can enjoy. 

Leepa valley 


Ganga choti 

Zalzal lake 

Kardali chikar

Things to carry at noon Bangla 

Sturdy hiking or trekking shoes, a dependable raincoat, sunglasses to protect your eyes, a hiking stick for stability, water bottles to stay hydrated, a basic medical kit with necessary medications, sunblock to protect your skin, warm clothing for cooler evenings, a supply of nourishing dry fruits, packed food for sustenance, and a camera to capture the breathtaking scenery are all necessary items to bring on a trip to Noon Bangla in Jhelum Valley. For a comfortable adventure, keep in mind to pack carefully and give comfort and safety a top priority.

Precautions at Noon Bangla 

Here are some safety tips to remember when visiting a popular tourist destination:

  1. Check the weather forecast at least a week before your trip, and be ready for a variety of weather scenarios.
  2. Make sure you are dressed appropriately and have the necessary equipment, such as warm clothing, cozy shoes, and sunscreen.
  3. Plan every aspect of your trip carefully, including your itinerary, lodging, transportation, and other requirements.
  4. Dress modestly in accordance with regional customs to show respect for the culture and traditions of the area.
  5. Be aware of your surroundings and refrain from going alone, especially late at night.
  6. Follow the directions of local tour guides, heed the advice of the authorities, and stay on trails and in designated areas.
  7. Avoid drinking tap water and instead, stick to mineral water that has been boiled or packaged.
  8. To be prepared for emergencies, always keep a first aid kit with you, along with any prescription medications.
  9. Avoid leaving behind trash or endangering the area’s natural resources to protect the environment. Respect and care should be taken with the environment.




Noon Bangla draws visitors worldwide to experience the charms of this pristine Azad Kashmir location because of its distinctive blend of natural beauty and recreational options. Noon Bangla provides everything you’re looking for, whether you want to unwind, go on an adventure, or get up close to nature.

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